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The Fairy Tree





Intended size 4" x 6".


About this piece


My neighbor used to have a tree in her back yeard that the neighbor-kids (on the other side) tried to convince me housed fairies. I was far to skeptical for that, but I loved to lay at their "door", wondering what went on inside. It was one of those small details in the world that grown-ups so easily overlook, but which are undlessly fascinating to children.


One day, a crew came over to cut the tree down. I knew I would forget about the Fairy Tree eventually, so I decided to sneak out with mom's camera and take a picture of the "door". Whenever it was that the roll of film got developed, mom had no idea what this was a picture of, but kept it anyways.


In December of 2013, I was digging through our old shoeboxes of photos with mom when I came across this picture. I immediatedly remembered my (apparently sucessful) plan. She asked what this was a photo of, and I told her, "The Fairy Tree!"



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