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Artist Statement

Despite the vast complexity of the world, people love to showcase it in black and white. They create sides and stick to them relentlessly. I like to challenge certainty, and point out interconnectedness where I see it. What's the opposite of 'neutral'? Can you be in the middle without sacrificing half on each side?

The perceived opposition of the scientific and the subjective is one of my favorite topics in my art. I love pairing fact with philosophy and letting viewers tease out some common ground. Sometimes I do this with long literary quotes or concise informational articles, other times with playful images and diagrams, but always with an awareness of the emotions to which these elements might speak. I tend to draw heavily from antiquated or nostalgic sources, in an attempt to recall a time when our relationship to the natural world was different. It's an homage to curiosity as individuals in our childhood, and as a species growing toward our peak, to simplicity. My art often contains specific personal symbolism, but I encourage everyone to relate and have fun with recognizable themes or interactive elements in its presentation. I hope it's both enjoyable and educational at the very same time.

The truth is that I'm not set in anything; that's the way of the scientist. But by not planting myself anywhere firmly, everywhere I wander becomes familiar territory. I always wanted to be an explorer.

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