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Sponge Painting

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Letterpress on relief/collagraph.


Approximately 6.5" X 8.5".


Cream: Edition of 7

Mottled: Edition of 8.



About this piece


This piece was made, technically, as a collagraph. Two sponges, one of the kitcen variety and one from the sea, were glued to a board and inked. But instead of soaking the paper and placing it over the board to be embossed, the plate was placed on the paper and run through the press as releif. Wooden type was used to print the words.


The sea sponge is the simplest organism that can technically be defined as an animal. It lacks any proper tissues, has no organs, and by it's looks you might mistake it for a plant. But it is, in fact, a multicellular heterotroph without cell walls. The simplest animal, paired next to a kitchen sponge.


Can you figure out the joke?



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