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Approximately 6" x 11".


Edition of 20.



About this piece


Isn't it just a little bit funny, the concept of garbage? We go through such lengths to get wood and metals and plastic; we tear down forests and dig up resources thousands and millions of years in the making, refine it, use it for a few years, and then... bury it. We literally take things from one hole in the ground only to put them in another.


Then we argue about the value of these things. How much is that land worth (to the indigenous peoples, to the buinessmen, to the nature preserve, etc)? How much is the resource worth? How much is the product worth? How much is the landfill worth? How much is going through all of this worth? Protect the ozone, the earth, the resources, the beauty of the city... it's only worth the price we put on it. 



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