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Letterpress, soft-ground intaglio, and pressure print.

Variants include colored pencil.


10.5" X 5.5".


Edition of 5.



About this piece


As I've explained before, the line between "natural" and "artificial" is a thin one. I find it interesting how often we include themes from nature in our most skillfully man-made items (lace flowers, for example) or call something "natural" (like twine) when that rope was harvested, refined, and braided by machines. Isn't it all natural?


For fun: Look around you right now and see how many man-made items contain a floral theme. You might be surpised to find it in rugs, on mousepads, upholstery, wallpaper, stationary, glassware, drawer-pulls, light fixtures, flags (fleur de lis?), jewelry, and pretty much all the lace you're likely to see. 



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