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Sculpture, Approximately 6" high and 4" in diameter.



About this piece


The Daisy


And so the Daisy was put into the Lark's cage.

    "There is no water here," said the Lark. "They have all gone out, and have forgotten to give me anything to drink. My throat is burning. Oh, I must die, and leave the warm sunshine, the fresh green, and all that God has made."

    Then the poor bird saw the Daisy, and he nodded to it, and kissed it, and said; "You also must die here, you pretty little flower. They have given you to me with a little patch of green grass on which you grow, instead of the whole world, which was mine out there!

    Night came, and no one brought the poor bird a drop. Then he stretched out his pretty wings, and his head sank down toward the flower, and his heart broke. The Daisy drooped sadly to the earth."


Based on The Daisy by Hans Christian Andersen.


Read the story here.


Learn how this piece was made here.


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