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It's All Natural





Approximately 10.5" X 12.5".


Varied edition with several runs.



About this piece


The concepts of what defines something as "Natural" or "Artificial" is almost completely senseless. The word "artificial" comes from the latin artifex, a combination of the words ars (skill) and facere (to make). You'd think that by that definition, anything "made" by human skill would be artificial, yet we claim to make lots of "natural" products, and are quick to tag things that have been tampered with very little as artificial. But we forget that, regardless of our hand in things, all we are ever doing is rearranging what is already present. The metals of the earth become our wires and circuit boards, and chemicals gathered from oil become their casing. And at the end of it, so much of what we do end up mimicking the very source from which it came: nature.




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