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The Story of the Flax



Monotype on laser print.


Approximately 46" X 60".


These prints are one-of-a-kind. Though they exist in an edition, no two can be produced exactly the same. Each image is painted by hand onto a plate over the course of about an hour before it is run through the press. Each new print has to be completely re-painted.



About this piece


As you're likely to notice, a good deal of my works refer to flax-- even my logo. This is the story that began that trend, taken from an 1898 children's school book. It's an abbreviated version of Hans Christian Andersen's story The Flax, which was originally written in Danish. There are countless variants of the story, but this one remains my favorite.


Instead of simply typing the story, I chose to scan the words directly from the pages of the book, altering the size and layout to highlight the most important and memorable selections. I feel that keeping the "original" lettering, however re-arranged, emphasizes the history behind the book and the personal connection to it as an object, as opposed to an intagible story. 


This piece in particular was created for my exhibition The Song is Never Done. I wanted people to have some insight into the imagery within, as well as the sentiment behind the show. To me, it's a feeling of acceptence, and a small glance at the infinite. But the show, while based on my own 'song', is really about what you get out of it.


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