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Intended size 4" x 6".


About this piece


The cosmos itself is flux and motion.
Time is a measure of how things turn from one state to another.
Its course rolls on like a river, gentle or rapid, but pushed
by the weight of the water upstream. A River may look the same
but at every instant is new, and dying and reincarnation
which dazzles the mind. You blink, and then open your eyes to behold
another river that flows through another landscape, another
universe. What was in the world is gone, and a new
world has been conjured up to take its place. Amazing,
or it ought to be. But children learn to accept these wonders,
as day gives way to night, and night speeds on to another
dawn of a brand new day. And each time we take for granted
what is miraculous, awesome, and strange. Lie on the ground
at night and stare at the stars to watch how they wheel in their tracks.

-'Metamorphoses' by Ovid (translated by David R. Slavitt)


Words by Lewis Carroll.



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