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Dragons in Subway Tunnels

Broadside for Lyon's Books




6" x 10"



About this piece


An edition of 10 broadsides were produced for Lyon's Fine Books in Neenah, WI. They were sold alongside the author's books on the night of the reading.


Bill Gillard, a professor of creative writing at UW Fox Valley, writes poetry about his life and experiences traveling the wrold. The poem featured in this broadside recalls his memories of riding the Subways of New York as a teenager.


The layout of the poem was chosen by the author, and lines emulating a subway map lead the reader around each stanza before reaching the signatures of the author and printer at the bottom. It was printed on a cream-colored paper comnplete with faux fold-marks reminiscent of a well-used map. 


The second image shows one of the mylar-wrapped, signed broadsides alongside Gillard's books in the shop.



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