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Demos & Workshops

All demos & workshops are fully customizable. Prices listed may vary slightly depending on the size of the project and what materials are used. In some instances-- especially with printmaking-- it may be advisable to break workshops up over several days. Contact me directly so we can discuss what would work best.


Non-hands-on. Watch & learn!


I'll haul a small printmaking press to a location of your choice along with several used plates and the images they printed as examples. From there, I will show the process of printing ONE of the following from pre-made plates*: monotype, collagraph, linocut, etching. *Plates take a long time to prepare. Trust me-- you don't want me making them there!

$50 / hr.

Book binding

I'll bind together signatures of a sample book (or books) using as many different stitching techniques as you'd like to see, from those intended to be cased-in (herringbone, for example) to ones intended to be seen (Japanese tortoise-shell). I'll also have a few examples of finished books to show.

$30 / hr.


Similar to book-binding, but more in depth. Not only will I show the process of stitching, I will also show how to create a cover and case-in the book. This requires more time and materials, and you should ideally plan for a minimum of 2 1/2 hours.

$50 / hr.


Hands-on. Make your own work to take home! Registering any workshop is FREE; I only charge each participant for time and materials.


Learn how to bind a traditional flat-back journal using artist-quality sketch paper (60gsm) and archival binding materials.

$30 per student

Monotype Printmaking

The easiest form of printmaking to learn. Apply ink to plates using various tools and run it through a press to get a one-of-a-kind print.

$30 per student

Linocut Printmaking

Use linoleum and cutting tools to create a relief print. Each sucessive layer is smaller than the last and prints over the previous image. Using Akua inks allows prints to dry rapidly. However, because preparing each layer is time-consuming, a minimum of three hours should be alotted for a two-color print.

$40 per student


Carve into a metal plate and print an image using the intaglio method. The areas you scratch away hold ink, while the rest of the plate 'prints' white. The time needed for this depends on the complexity of your image, but plan for at least 4 hours.

$60 per student

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