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Custom Books

Any kind of book you can think of can be made to order! The items listed here are intended to give an idea for the price range of a similar order, but change depending on your needs. Add-ons are listed separately, and can be applied to all projects. All materials used are of he highest quality and are 100% archival.

Blank flatback journal

About 6"x8.5" 100 pages of 60gsm sketch paper. Choose from a wide variety of cover options, from cloth to specialty paper!


Blank photo/scrapbook album

About 10"x10". Good for pasting in photos or scraps. Choose from a wide variety of cover options, from cloth to specialty paper!


Add-on: Bevel inlay

An inlaid space on the front cover of the book, where I will set a photo of your choosing.


Add-on: handmade paper

I will hand-make sheets of white paper for your book. These are notably thicker than the standard sketch/scrapbook paper otherwise used and have a unique texture.

$5 per page (minimum 10)

Add-on: Handmade Paper with inclusions

I will make handmade paper for your book as described above using inclusions of your choice. These may be flower petals, recycled cloth, colorful threads, or most anything else.

$10 per sheet (minimum 5)

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Here's an idea! 

Wedding photo album


  • 10.25"x10.25"

  • Pages are 10"x10"

  • 20 pages of standard 80gsm paper

  • 5 pages of handmade paper using petals from the bride's boquet as inclusions

  • Covered using high-quality white satin cloth

  • Bevel inlay featuring photo of the couple

  • Bound with thread in the same color as bridesmaids' dresses (will be visible in certain areas)

  • Ribbon bookmarker

  • Your photos pasted in with either archival corners or glue

  • Small favors or scraps preserved and set on pages

  • Hand-written captions/page headers of your choosing


Grand total:


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