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About Me


The union of art and biology doesn't seem to be a concept that comes naturally to many people. Art is a matter of subjective thought, while the sciences are purely objective. While ee do merge the two fields every day in the form of anatomical sketches and 3D renderings of cellular processes, we don't hang these in art galleries. They are automatically at least partially subjective, having been seen, drawn, or imagined by their human creator, but they're not really 'art' if they serve such an objective purpose, are they?


I've never been one to debate what is or isn't art; that is a definition unique to each individual. But it seems to me that something is lacking in diagrams and illustrations: they favor the 'left' half of the brain. The scientists viewing them in field guides or textbooks understand them, and may well find them beautiful and inspiring, but the audience is limited. Lean too far 'right', however, and the concept becomes muddled. Now it's 'art', but it isn't science.


I'm not sure why people have begun to make such distinctions in the first place. To me, it always seemed obvious that art and science complemented one another. Surely anyone can think of an image from nature that has inspired them, a landscape or structure they've found beautiful, some natural element that has elicited in them some curiosity. From a young age, I was exploring my back yard and nature trails, drawing the things I found. I remember filling sketchpads and writing 'books' on my findings on grasshoppers, lightning bugs, caterpillars, and ants. Looking back, it seems so obvious I'd end up here.


But throughout my education, I found myself continually facing a decision I felt I'd have to make: would my major be in art or biology? Perhaps I could major in both, but could I be both? I'd like to argue the affirmative.


Science is a subject inherently embedded in my artworks. Some are more overt, with a clear intention of communicating scientific information, while others simply have subtle running themes. But I think the overall purpose of them, above even what each individual piece might be saying, is to point out that art and science, the logical and the subjective, have always gone together. Art, to me, is simply another way of communicating both information and creative thought. I want to use my art to inspire people to learn, to challenge themselves, and to re-think the way they consider certain aspects of the world.


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